Cicely Carroll and Bob Lawson
Owners, Travel Fever Tours

Travel Fever Tours is a specialty tour company owned by us,  Cicely Carroll and Bob Lawson. We have been married over 25 years and we’ve been fortunate to spend many of these years living and travelling abroad. We have lived and worked in Europe for 10 years, including Italy, Spain, Switzerland (both Geneva and Luzern), and Sweden.  We have also travelled for leisure or business to an additional 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In every free moment, we can be found out exploring our surroundings on foot, bike, car, or train.  We have been fortunate to see so much of the world and we love to share our knowledge with others.

Wherever we have lived, we have always had a steady stream of visitors. Slowly we realized it was not just because we lived in such wonderful places.  It was because we’d grown adept at giving our visitors an insider’s view of the country they were visiting.  From this realization, our tour company was born.

We know the best places and we love sharing them with others!

Cicely Carroll
Cicely is a retired clinical therapist who worked in private practice for many years. She also holds a degree in fine art and has enjoyed working in pastels wherever she travels.  In addition to her addiction to travel, she is an avid birder and reader.

Bob Lawson
Bob has worked for years in the online travel field, running internet companies that deliver reservations to hotels and restaurants.  He bikes and hikes and most of all he enjoys exploring every plaza and street corner in each and every city or small town in his path.