We will take you on our favourite back roads and bike paths across the Netherlands, through some of the world’s loveliest rural landscapes. And you’ll eat and sleep well in fine Dutch hotels and restaurants.

Why bike here

There are over 22,000 miles of bike paths in the Netherlands
There are over 22,000 miles of bike paths in the Netherlands

Bicycles are a defining element in Holland and throughout all of the Netherlands. Everyone rides one and the country has been designed to make cycling an enjoyable and safe way to travel. There are over 22,000 miles of bike paths throughout the country, all clearly marked and well maintained.

Cycling is not the only attraction of the Netherlands. It is a lovely country and the Dutch are warm and welcoming. The historic cities and towns feature homes, churches, and town halls that date back centuries. Between the cities one finds a vibrant farm economy, with green fields full of cows and sheep, with white swans accenting the countryside. Farm houses huddle along the country’s many small roads and on its numerous canals, both large and small.

The Netherlands is also a flat country, allowing the recreational biker to focus on the beauty all around. For cyclists who wish to take time to enjoy their surroundings, Holland is the perfect destination.

With Travel Fever Tours, you’ll see the best that Holland has to offer. Your small group of 8-14 people will have two experienced guides. Your ride will be led each day by one guide and a van with the second tour leader will follow to carry supplies, transport luggage, offer assistance and pick up anyone who prefers a fast route back to the hotel.

Tour itinerary

We have selected three “headquarters” for the tour to minimize the stress and confusion of constantly moving on to new hotels. There are separate one-day itineraries from each of the tour locations. Here is a day-by-day outline of the tour schedule:

Arial view of the fortified city of Naarden
Arial view of the fortified city of Naarden

Day 1:

Arrival Amsterdam: Luggage pick-up and transport to Muiderberg, set directly on the water south of Amsterdam. From there we’ll take the train to Naarden-Bussum to pick up our bikes.

We’ll bike on scenic roads back to Muiderberg as a quick introduction to bicycling in the Netherlands. The ride will be +/- 10 km.

Back in Muiderberg, there will be time for rest, a walk through town, or to the beach overlooking the Ijsselmeer. This will be followed by a quiet dinner.

Your tour leaders will welcome you formally to Holland and orient you about your tour. Accommodation will be in a small, locally-owned hotel.

A view to Muiderslot castle, near Muiderberg
A view to Muiderslot castle, near Muiderberg

Day 2:

After breakfast at our hotel, we will set out on our bikes from Muiderberg on a beautiful, circular ride which will take us past castles, farm houses with thatched roofs, canals, windmills, houseboats, birds, woods, heather, and small historic cities.

At the end of the day we return to Muiderberg to relax and dine.

The day’s ride will be about 50 km (30 miles) along flat bike paths and quiet country roads. This ride can be shortened or made longer, depending on the ability of riders and the amount of time you wish to spend on a bicycle. Detailed maps with alternative routes and cell phones will be provided to small groups who wish to take longer or shorter routes.

The town of Marken
The town of Marken

Day 3:

From Muiderberg, we will bicycle north, past Amsterdam, to see a bit of North Holland, working our way to the beautiful old town of Marken, which once was an island, where we can eat lunch. From there we’ll return through Waterland, where the bike paths are lower than the water level of the canals right beside you. We’ll take a short ferry ride and then follow a canal to return to Muiderberg again.

The day’s trip will be about 65 km (40 miles) and individuals can choose longer or shorter routes, as they like. The advanced biker might even like to make a detour through the center of Amsterdam.

After dinner you’ll have the option of taking a night-time ride to the fortified city of Naarden for a walking tour of the town, or accompany one of the tour leaders there in the van.

Alternative itineraries:

If you don’t want to bike on this day, you’ll have these alternatives:

  • Take the train into Amsterdam to see the canals, visit the museums, and soak in big-city Dutch life.
  • Visit Naarden and the Vestingmuseum
  • Walk around the Naardermeer (along walking paths in a bird sanctuary. A boat trip is possible.)

Entrance to the walled city of Elburg
Entrance to the walled city of Elburg

Day 4:

Bike to the miniature city of Elburg. You’ll pass through Polders (land that has been reclaimed from the sea), over dikes, along the Ijsselmeer (formerly known as the Zuider Zee), and through fishing villages. Have coffee (or even smoked eel) in Spakenburg before winding your way through farms and wooded areas. Have a late lunch of Dutch pancakes, with a bike tour through the walled city of Harderwijk.

Then on to Elburg, a small city with a street plan that is straight out of the Middle Ages. The city is walled within an area that is only 250 meters wide and 350 meters long. Elburg has 250 official monuments within its old city, and a small harbor.

The day’s one-way ride will be about 70 km (40 miles) while the van carries your luggage from one hotel to the next. Those who wish to do a shorter ride can catch a ride in the van for the second half of the route.

Elburg is situated on the water
Elburg is situated on the water

Day 5:

A day of rest in Elburg. You can stay in Elburg to explore the quiet town or set your own itinerary in the surrounding area. For instance, you can take a fishing boat tour or take a short bike ride across the Veluwemeer by bridge to explore land that was recently reclaimed from the sea after World War II.

For those who are driven to explore further, you can take a river country tour by bike, following the water to Kampen, then down the Ijssel river and circling back to Elburg (about 50 km or 30 miles).

A third option is to bike to the train station and catch a train to explore parts of the Netherlands that lie further away, such as Leeuwarden, Groningen, or Amsterdam.

Biking along a canal in farm country
Biking along a canal in farm country

Day 6:

Back on our bikes, we head out along beautiful bike paths, through woods, through sandy areas covered with heather, and across farmers’ fields dotted with cows, sheep, and birdlife, including pairs of snow-white swans. You’ll also have the chance to explore small towns such as Nunspeet, Vierhouten, Epe, ‘t Harde and then back to Elburg.

The day’s ride will be about 60 km (35 miles) and again can be longer or shorter by choice. As always, the terrain is flat and easy to peddle.

Deventer as viewed across the river
Deventer as viewed across the river

Day 7:

We move on to the small city of Deventer which lies directly along the Ijssel river. The one-way ride to Deventer is lovely, first through the woods and then along paths that hug the banks of the river.

Deventer, a city of about 100,000, will provide a contrast with the smaller locations where we’ve stayed earlier on the trip. A walk through the squares and shopping streets of Deventer in the evening is a great finale to a wonderful week of cycling in the Netherlands.

This day’s ride will be about 70km (40 miles), with longer and shorter options.

Street scene in the old section of Deventer
Street scene in the old section of Deventer

Day 8:

After breakfast at your hotel (and a quick tour of the outdoor market, depending on your flight schedule), you’ll bike to Deventer train station. There you will (sadly) leave your bikes and hop on a train to take you straight to Schiphol airport.

Alternatively, the train from Deventer can take you to any point in the Netherlands (or in Europe, for that matter). We are happy to point you in the right direction.

Want to see more of the Netherlands?

Interested in spending more time exploring the Netherlands? We can recommend other areas for you to explore by bike following the close of your bike tour. Or alternatively, we can reserve hotels for you before or after the tour in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the region. Please contact us for more information.

Note: The tour itinerary is not etched in granite. It changes and evolves as we learn from previous tours and discover new places we feel should be added.

Tour leaders

Edwin de Bruijn
Edwin de Bruijn

Trip Planner:

Edwin de Bruijn:
The route for this trip has been carefully planned by Edwin, a native of Holland and an avid biker. Edwin’s father was a top amateur cyclist in the Netherlands, giving Edwin a love of cycling from a very young age. He was raised using a bicycle both for transportation and recreation and has cycled throughout all corners of the country.



Trip Leaders:

Travel Fever Tours group leaderAlewijn de Bruijn
Alewijn is a native of Holland and currently lives in Amsterdam where he runs his own landscaping business. Like most Dutchmen, he enjoys a good ride through the countryside where he can enjoy the Dutch landscapes and the sky.

Each year for a month Alewijn travels to Suriname where he helps run Los Niños Foundation (, a home for some 100 children from ages 1 to 18 where they receive an education and have an alternative to being on the street.

Alewijn’s hobbies include traveling, hiking in the mountains, art, music, movies, and gardening.


Bob Lawson
Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson:
Bob has logged thousands of kilometers on a bicycle in the Netherlands, riding the length of the country from the North Sea to Belgium, circling the inland Ijsselmeer, and criss-crossing North Holland. This time on Dutch bike paths, plus Bob’s travels in over 40 countries around the world, equips him well to lead this tour of the Netherlands.

Photo gallery


Hotel-restaurant Het Rechthuis
The Hotel-Restaurant Het Rechthuis in Muiderberg

The exact hotels you’ll stay in vary according to availability and season, but all conform to the high standards of accommodation maintained by the Dutch.

We search out small, 3- and 4-star hotels, or up-scale bed and breakfasts, normally with 10-15 rooms. After a day full of cycling, you will want a good hot shower followed perhaps by a drink on a terrace and a quiet walk around town.

At night you’ll want a peaceful room and a comfortable bed to sink into so you’ll be fresh and ready to bicycle another day.

What’s included

What’s included in the cost:

  • 8-day guided cycling trip, with group leaders and equipment
  • 7 nights lodging at small 3- and 4-star hotels and upscale bed and breakfasts
  • Breakfast each morning
  • Dinner each evening (excluding wine or beer)
  • Orientation during the first night of the tour to make you feel at home in the Netherlands
  • Rental of a 5-speed hybrid bicycle suitable to Dutch conditions and the very flat terrain
  • Pick-up and drop-off at Amsterdam airport
  • Support van to transport luggage and offer assistance to riders
  • A tour leader to guide you on your daily rides
  • Maps and other assistance to riders who might wish to tackle longer or shorter daily rides
  • Use of mobile phones so smaller groups of riders can keep in touch with the guide and support van


Excluded from the cost of the trip:

  • Airfare
  • Entrance fees to museums or other attractions
  • Alcoholic beverages with your meals


Single supplement:
Single-occupancy rooms can be arranged for an additional fee.

Currency issues:
If the euro jumps in value against the dollar, we reserve the right to add a reasonable surcharge to the trip.